How we support clients in long-term commitments

Working with an agreed quarterly budget we’ll spend the allotted time per client attending to and developing their product.

We define a product roadmap for each of our clients based on their current needs and medium to long-term business plans.

Our digital support system allows new features to be easily requested and bugs reported. This contributes to the product roadmap, building a complete picture of the software’s requirements.

Using the roadmap and requests submitted via our support system we identify priorities and plan short-bursts of development (sprints) to make changes to the software.

The time of each sprint is broken into the following priorities:

  • Providing answers to support requests
  • Fixing any bugs/technical issues that arise
  • Implementing minor changes to reduce the need for support
  • Developing and releasing agreed features to deliver business goals
  • Upgrading technical libraries and integrations

A sprint always results in multiple updates to a staging (test) application and at least one update (deployment) to the live application.

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