We build roadmaps for our clients (startups and SMEs). We start with quick-fixes to fulful short-term immediate needs (bug fixes, software audits, security patching, new business requirements, working prototypes / MVPs). But we can also work with you in a long term engagement to maximize impact within an agreed quarterly budget, keeping up-to-date with the business’s evolving developments.

Quick fixes

Our clients don’t necessarily start with a long-term engagement. Normally there’s something which needs fixing within the short-term. These quick wins - bug fixes, a simple new requirement or a security audit/improvement - contribute to the roadmap.

This initial project acts as a mini audit, giving us immediate insight into the current state of the software. This includes test coverage, 3rd party integrations, staging server, CI, error reporting and performance and may also include privacy compliance

How we support clients in long-term commitments

Working with an agreed quarterly budget we’ll spend the allotted time per client attending to and developing their product.

We define a product roadmap for each of our clients based on their current needs and medium to long-term business plans.

Our digital support system allows new features to be easily requested and bugs reported. This contributes to the product roadmap, building a complete picture of the software’s requirements.

Using the roadmap and requests submitted via our support system we identify priorities and plan short-bursts of development (sprints) to make changes to the software.

The time of each sprint is broken into the following priorities:

A sprint always results in multiple updates to a staging (test) application and at least one update (deployment) to the live application.