Who we are

A team of business-focused technologists based mostly in London.

  • Tim - CTO
  • Ella - full stack web developer
  • Garry - full stack web developer
  • Jamie - Android developer
  • Paul - iOS developer

Our development practices

New features and bug fixes are built with automated tests (“TDD”). This ensures the expected outcome is achieved while preventing future regressions. These tests are run every time the code changes to catch any unanticipated side effects (“continuous integration”).

We ensure live systems have automated backups, error and performance monitoring and a shadow “staging” system where new features can be trialled before being pushed to production.

Recent team and tech posts

  • Running rubocop on changed files

    We have just started using rubocop rigorously on legacy codebases we work on, but rubocop takes a minute or more to run every time we commit. This is a bit boring, but we don’t want to have to wait for CI to tell us that it fails.

Working from Studio 20, Containerville, 35 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9EZ, UK.
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