Workflow software

We help companies (typically SMEs and startups) improve the flow of work in their business by developing, maintaining, and integrating bespoke software (and SaaS).

Key business information needs to flow fluidly, visibly and securely both within the business and externally to suppliers and customers

There are many off the shelf software products available providing generic solutions. However sometimes, in order to maintain competitive edge and uniqueness, businesses need to have a critical part of their work reflected in a bespoke piece of software or integration.

We help clients who have this need by developing new software, maintaining existing software, and integrating appropriate online products via APIs.

For example we’ve built systems that schedule jobs for a bespoke build-to-order manufacturer, manage complex market research projects (distributing to respondents, gathering, evaluating, and presenting as raw data to analysts and clients).

Doing this effectively requires a clear and shared understanding of the direction of business, what the users are looking for, and the changing expectations of the technology environment. That’s why we recommend a long-term engagement, but we can start with a single sprint.